Why you should choose Scan Film Store for your business needs

From document conversion into easy-to-store digital format, through secure data destruction and on to enhancement of precious memorabilia, trust Scan Film or Store.

We’re experienced, qualified, accredited and secure. What’s more, your initial consultation is free of charge and obligation.

  • We’ve invested in the very latest equipment.
  • We’ve chosen and trained our staff carefully. They’ve signed the Official Secrets Act and are DBS checked and security vetted to BS7858.
  • We have very modern, ultra-secure premises and have taken all the precautions and measures you could hope for.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we have the knowledge, experience and ethos to offer you the best service you’ll find anywhere.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Reclaim expensive office space Pass us all those boxes of archived documents! We’ll store them for you, and/or convert them to digital format, returning them on CD/DVD or update-able hard drive, beautifully indexed and embedded with easy search-and-retrieve software.
  • Documents enhanced We’ll prepare the documents before we scan them: we’ll de-staple,repair and collate them into order, then digitally scan them to CD, DVD or portable hard drive. Digital documents do not suffer from damp, heat, mould, carelessness or age…
  • Easy does it We can collect boxes and files from you and return them in digital format. Or, if your organisation or documents are highly sensitive, we can scan on your premises so no documentation has to cross your boundaries.
  • Effortless document retrieval Forget trying to find that elusive document from a sea of chaotic files in badly lit archive storage! We can embed sophisticated search and retrieval software into CDs, DVDs and hard drives carrying your scanned images, enabling you to quickly search for a particular document and retrieve it. You can also enlarge part of or all a document, to view it easily on a PC. We can tailor search terms to your particular requirements, such as reference numbers, invoice numbers or purchase order numbers.
  • Automatic back-up and business continuity Offsite data storage is a prudent precaution. Most businesses – 62 per cent – never recover from major loss of data. When you store your crucial documents with us, you ensure their safety. You can also ask us to retain digital back-ups of your documents. Likewise, if you regularly use back-up tapes for your servers, either magnetic cassettes or CD/DVDs, we can store them and manage their periodic destruction/recycling to ensure you can always retrieve your latest data while achieving your environmental objectives.

Document management solutions tailored to your unique business

Geoff our salesman

Need help? Ask Geoff on 01278 450500

We listen carefully to what you need before we make any recommendations or suggest solutions. Too often businesses are ‘railroaded’ into accepting a standardised managed document service which provides only a fraction of what’s achievable, but at a high price.

We don’t believe this is a good way to do business. After all, you’re entrusting us with your valuable data. If scanning or microfilming is right for you, for example, we take a representative sample of your work. We prepare it, then scan or film it, to ensure you are satisfied with the quality and the search/retrieval capability – and we do this free of charge and obligation. Only then do we agree a solution and talk about costs and service levels.

We have a reputation for quality, personal service and value for money, which we’re keen to maintain. We understand that tailored document management solutions may initially appear costly but we can help spread the cost by processing batches of work over time. We also offer finance agreements.

Your initial consultation is free of charge or obligation. Please call us on 0800 008 7229 to initiate a discussion about your requirements and potential solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you.