Local government document management & data destruction services

From HR records through to planning applications, Scan Film or Store provides a range of document management solutions to meet the needs of local government organisations and their individual departments.

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Our premises and security procedures are audited by government security advisers; our staff have signed the Official Secrets Act and are security vetted to BS7858 standard.

We offer the full range of document management services. Areas of particular interest to local government include:

  • Ultra-secure, confidential off-site scanning and digitisation of archives, for example invoices and accounting documents, HR records and planning applications
  • ‘Pay-as-you-go’ scanning service for ongoing paperwork
  • Integration of scanned archives within existing document management systems
  • High-security, low-cost off-site storage for confidential information with a ‘scan-on-demand’ service
  • Secure and permanent destruction services for sensitive information held in all mediums including:
    • Paper records
    • CDs, DVDs and memory sticks
    • Magnetic computer back-up tape
    • Computer hard drives
    • Portable hard drives
    • Microfilm and microfiche

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Please see our services section for a full description of our scanning, storage, data conversion and data destruction capabilities tailored for local government.

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