Large and Wide Format Document Imaging and Scanning

When you need documents scanned but are bigger than A3 size, such as large technical drawings and plans our Large Format Scanning services can help scan them in high resolution and then output as .pdf, .tif or .jpg digital files.

  • Original drawings/plans can be on paper, Mylar blueprint or transparency
  • Can be in scanned in colour, greyscale or black & white
  • Scanning resolutions available up to 1200dpi (dots per inch)
  • Scanned drawings give fast access to staff and can be easily emailed to staff working remotely (via secure connection)
  • Cost of retrieving and handling large documents can be drastically reduced
  • No damage caused to originals during the scanning process – damaged drawings can be repaired by our experienced staff

Using our new Canon Professional Large Format scanner we can efficiently scan any wide or big plans or drawings up to A0+ width and any length – even up to 25 feet! See our case study for more details.

Large format scanner in operation Better still why not watch our large format scanner in operation.