Not only have we had a lovely summer but all the signs are pointing towards growth in the UK economy. It’s about time!

How to choose a document scanning company by Scan Film or Store

Most businesses we know have been working under a policy of ‘making the most of what they have’. They have been squeezing every efficiency out of their current resources and cutting back to make budgets balance (much like our esteemed Chancellor). They have often maintained the status quo for fear of ‘upsetting the apple cart’. But as every good business person knows when you want growth you need to plan for it and look at change.

These changes don’t have to be big but you do need to ask yourself some key questions. Such as where will your new employees sit and do your systems and processes support the growth you are planning. So here are three things to think about and tips to get ready for growth…

  1. Don’t waste valuable office space storing things you don’t use regularly. If you don’t need that document or file every month then why not scan it, send the hardcopy off site to storage, or even destroy it. Then you can get rid of those filing cabinets, and put a desk in their place for your new recruit(s).
  2. Digitise everything so you can work remotely. Make sure all your documents are in digital format so you can access them anywhere. This will mean quicker access to key information and allow you to employ people to work from home or even abroad – maybe fuelling your worldwide expansion?
  3. Have a really good clear out. Spend the time to get rid of things you don’t need. Maybe get in an objective outsider to help you do this. But just going through the process of clearing things out will get you, and your teams, into the positive mind-set required to drive new growth.

The last point is probably the most important. Getting you and your teams mind-set right is vital and it’s amazing how tidying things up, destroying what you don’t need or at least sending stuff off to storage so it’s not in your face every day can lighten your mood.