Apparently women are more organised at work than men and this could have a big effect on your business or career. Although we always suspected it from our dealings with many businesses a study by the labelling company Dymo proves it.

The research, covering 4,000 workers, showed that 43 per cent of women claim to be very organised in the workplace but just 32 per cent of men say the same.

They also found that over half of women employers have an organised filing system, but just 37 per cent of men adopt the same approach.

Instead, chaps are more likely to keep their paperwork in a large pile, which they search through when they have to find something.

This has led to 17 per cent of guys losing an important document thanks to their chaos of their workstation, but just 11 per cent of women have suffered the same fate.

But most worrying for us men is that one in twenty has missed out on a promotion because their bosses felt they were so unorganised.

When this is coupled with some other research showing men are more lax at keeping company information in prescribed and protected formats you’ve got to worry even more.

The research by Huddle showed that 49% of UK male employees use personal cloud tools or services to store work documents versus 39% of women. Some 51% of men also keep enterprise documents on USB drives, in contrast to 42% of women.

So it seems men are disorganised and utilise tools they probably shouldn’t more than women. It’s a wonder that women haven’t taken over the boardrooms yet!

So come on chaps let’s get organised. This means working on your personal development or calling in the professionals to put systems and processes in place that make up for our failings. Although we’d like to point out men can carry larger boxes of disorganised paper, which has got to count for something.