Are you a charitable organisation reliant largely on the kindness of members of the public to bring in donations to help those less fortunate than ourselves? In these straightened times charities are increasingly looking to maximise the income that can be generated from donations by encouraging donors to complete Gift Aid forms. These allow the charities to claim back the tax paid by private individuals which can then boost the value of the donation, once sold, by 25%.

Charities have to keep accurate copies of the Gift Aid forms to prove they can claim the tax back – and that can be a problem. Imagine dozens of different branches generating hundreds of forms each year? Where can they be stored and how easily can they be retrieved? The retention of this vital authorisation data is critical and can cost charities tens of thousands of pounds if not done correctly. But, how is the best way to capture this data so that it can be easily retrieved?

Well, the good news is we can help and have provided a service for some of the largest charities already. How?

We provide Gift Aid form scanning, uploaded to a UK based Cloud transfer software solution and processes compliant with Data Protection GDPR rules.

We have over 20 years’ experience in offering data management services and project delivery to charities seeking to reduce risk, become more efficient and increase funding.

We are able to collect your Gift Aid forms from your high street shops or a central office. Our modern highly secure warehouse facilities are expertly staffed for all your collections and storage needs.

We prepare all documents prior to scanning by removing any staples, paper clips etc and we make sure each form is legible and all the data required for capture is present before scanning.

We can scan and capture the donor ID number on each form if needed and any hand written information.  We then validate all documents scanned and when quality checked, the images can be uploaded to our BOX cloud UK based online image repository or returned to you on a hard drive or USB stick if preferred.

We can process all on going donor forms as well and add these to your database. After the scanning process we are able to securely destroy all of the paperwork processed and issue a Certificate of Destruction for full traceability.

The benefits of Gift Aid Scanning-

  1. Accuracy: Charities can quickly verify a donor’s eligibility and integrate the information into their own systems, enabling faster acknowledgment and appreciation of the donors’ contributions.
  2. Compliance and reporting: Digitally stored accurate records are essential for compliance. Our Gift Aid scanning service makes it easier for charities to maintain records and generate accurate reports for tax and auditing purposes.
  3. Efficiency and Cost savings: Gift Aid scanning reduces the time and effort required for staff searching through boxes of paper work to find forms. A simple search can be done in seconds for the required document from a desktop, laptop or tablet, freeing up staff and volunteers to focus on more meaningful tasks. The long-term savings in terms of reduced errors searching for paperwork can be substantial. You benefit from speed and enhanced security of your documentation.
  4. Tried and tested scanning system: We already work for some of the largest charities, have a proven track record of success and can provide testimonials on request.

To find out more about our Gift Aid scanning services please contact us today to discuss your requirements without obligation by

 Email   or phone free on 0800 008 7229.

As an added benefit to your charity by quoting GA024 on completion of your first order we will offer a discount in the form of a donation to your charity.