Match destroying data - scan film or storeIn spy novels ensuring top secret information is securely destroyed once no longer in use is easy…. a brief recorded message and then up it goes in smoke!

If only it was that easy to protect unwanted data held on Microfilm and Microfiche from getting into the wrong hands in the real world.

New digital technology provides a more secure alternative to organizations such as banks, hospitals and government bodies for storing sensitive and confidential data but many still hold vast amounts of out of date data on these older media that needs to be securely destroyed.

Incineration will ensure the total destruction of both the microfiche or microfilm and the data held on it however, the intense heat created during the incineration process and pathogens released means that it must be handled by a specialist company such as Scan Film or Store.

Additionally, the sensitive nature of the information held and the obligations on the organizations holding it to comply with data security legislation means that they require a specialist partner to plan and manage the entire process in order to provide the necessary audit trail.


It is our expertise in the field of high security data destruction that led to our involvement in the top secret project below:

The Ultimate in Secure Microfiche Destruction

Scan Film or Store was approached by a world renowned financial institution to assist in the secure destruction of over 24,000 kilograms (about 24 tonnes) of outdated archive microfiche.   The client required us to manage the entire project, from taking the microfiche out of the bespoke fiche cabinets to eventual witnessed incineration.

The fiche was placed into robust polypropylene bags which were then security sealed with bar-coded tags and accurately weighed. The packed bags were then scanned into a secure truck, security sealed and transported in loads to an incineration site 26 miles across a major city whilst being closely escorted by security representatives of the client and members of our own security cleared staff.

At the incinerator the bags were scanned off to ensure that the whole load was accounted for and then our staff conveyed the bags to a dedicated incinerator and fed them into the chute leading to the burner which operates at over 1,000°c.

In all nearly 1600 bags were packed, sealed, weighed and eventually destroyed in this way. Microfiche burns extremely hot and emits noxious gases which have to be very carefully controlled so the loads were evenly spaced over three days.

The project was extensively planned and tailored to the clients’ requirements with written project timelines and costs and the client was actively involved throughout the entire planning process.  As a result the project was completed over 4 days without incident and the client could produce an unbroken audit trail and final certificates of destruction.

Further information

Scan Film or Store provide a full data destruction service across a wide range of media and can tailor our service to the specific requirements of the business or organization, particularly those holding highly sensitive data that require the additional levels of security and execution detailed within the case study above.

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