Digital photo enhancement & copying of photos, negatives, and x-rays

  • View treasured memorabilia through modern media players!
  • Preserve and index precious items in secure, digital format
  • Enhance the quality of old originals

Scanning your photographs

We can scan and enhance black and white or coloured photographs, converting to the most suitable resolution (dpi, or dots per inch). We can scan most sizes.

Old photograph of soilder Using sophisticated software and experienced operatives we can restore any photographic image, removing blemishes, watermarks or mould damage.

Negatives, slides and 35mm film

Convert your 120mm/35mm photographic negatives from glass plate or acetate formats into positive, digital images. Easy to store and simple to view on your PC, TV or other modern media player.

We can also scan and digitise 35mm film (up to six frames per strip) and 35mm slides.


Our equipment and trained staff can convert X-rays and radiographs to digital images at resolutions up to 1200dpi (dots per inch).

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