Document scanning case studies

1.  Quick, GDPR compliant access to confidential HR records

Tructyre is the market leading one-stop tyre management specialist with national coverage for trucks, trailers, buses and coaches.

We take pride in being Britain’s only single-owned, national, commercial tyre service provider. Tructyre is a multi-brand operation that delivers a local service, nationally, repairing and replacing tyres on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes both at roadside and on customer’s own sites. Being a progressive employee centric company we required a robust GDPR compliant HR file solution for our 750+ employees which would allow us faster, more secure access to our current paper records.

Each HR file had over 100 pages and was split into sections such as Payroll, Pension etc. Scan Film or Store were able to take a detailed brief from Tructyre allowing them to allocate documents within the files into the various sections prior to preparation, scanning and indexing. All scanned documents had Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software applied which allows easy searching through the database for a word or phrase and facilitated fast access to specific files where required. The HR files were collected in batches so that not all HR files were offsite at any one time and also urgently needed files could be retrieved mid-process, scanned and sent back, often within a few hours of request.

Once the finished database of records, now as multi-page PDF files, had been transferred to Tructyre’s internal IT system the original files were destroyed by cross cut shredding and then pulped and recycled as tissue products thereby completing the GDPR compliant process.

“SFS took complete ownership of the scanning of our confidential HR records and managed the project to minimise disruption to file access. The splitting of the files into our specified sections was complex but SFS provided a very efficient, consistent approach and we were very pleased indeed with the completed scanned files. These were uploaded to our internal network and has saved us time and money when searching for employee data and, more importantly fulfils our GDPR responsibilities by protecting our valued employee’s personal data. We would have no hesitation in recommending SFS to other companies that require this service”

Tructyre - De-risking Britain's fleets

Tracey Robinson, HR Director, Tructyre ATS

2. Moving premises – how scanning can help

A leading business and enterprise college in Berkshire has been a customer of Scan Film or Store Ltd since 2009.

The initial requirement was to remove all archived financial records, stretching back seven years, prior to the relocation of the entire academy campus to a brand new building close by.

Head teachers are you drowning in paperwork?

We boxed and removed from the college supplier invoices, cash reconciliations, paying-in ledgers and a multitude of financial reports. We collated and de-stapled all documents before scanning and indexing them to the college’s specific requirements.

We then output the scanned images to a 500 Gb portable hard drive, indexed by financial year and by folder contents. Onto the drive we embedded easy-to-use search and retrieval software to allow fast access to frequently viewed database records. Once the college staff confirmed they were entirely happy with the database we securely destroyed the original documents, cross-shredding and pulping them.

The scanning project was later extended to include all staff HR/personnel files and pupil leaver files, together with minutes from governors’ meetings and head teacher reports. We now collect records annually, update and back-up the files onto a duplicate hard drive, which we hold in our fire-proof safe.

Senior college staff now have immediate access to scanned images of original documents using an easy-to-access retrieval software via a desktop computer.

“We dreaded having to move a large number of archive boxes of records to our new building: storage was limited and we could not dispose of the records due to our need to make frequent reference to them. Scan Film or Store Ltd provides us with a complete service, from boxing and collecting the files in our storage area to the provision of a searchable database. We have been pleased with their practical, timely and cost-effective approach and find the searchable database a real benefit to our busy staff. It’s also comforting to know they keep a back-up of all our data to provide us with essential business continuity should we lose our computer system. I recommend Scan Film or Store Ltd for all projects of this nature.”

Helen Strutt, Finance Manager

3. Fast access to archive documents for audit purposes

Rolls-Royce Distributed Generation System is a specialist division of Roll-Royce which supplies mobile generating systems, primarily to the Ministry of Defence.

Rolls-Royce staff keep meticulous records and operate extensive quality control systems, both financial and manufacturing. Many of these records are in paper form and take up valuable space; even in such a well-organised company these archive records can take considerable time to access, which is often required for audits.

Rolls Royce logo

Scan Film or Store scanned these data records to save space and make it much easier for staff to access invoices and vehicle histories. As the vehicles are used across the world in varying terrains, vehicle histories include details of operational damage requiring repair and the supply of spares; these reports often include coloured photographs. A spokesman said:

“We were very pleased with SFS’s approach to our requirements. The saving in space in our offices and archive area will prove to be very useful. However, the biggest saving was during two recent audits when we were able to access, in a few seconds, information which SFS had scanned, rather than having to spend hours searching for it in our archive paper record store”.

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