Paper vs digital - blog post by Scan Film or Store

For many businesses data is crucial, so have you ever thought about what might happen in the event of a disaster? Imagine having a fire, flood, or complete crash of your computer systems and losing all your data because you have failed to properly back up your data; something like that could completely destroy a company.

With that in mind there are businesses out there that do fail to back up their data properly for some ridiculous reasons, and we are here to make sure you all understand the importance of backing up your data.

This month’s blog post will enlighten you on the 4 most common and ridiculous reasons for not backing your data.


The simple reason of not backing up data because you don’t have the time is a poor excuse, especially if you think about how much you could lose if something did happen to that data.

When it comes to backing up data files research conducted by the GFI showed that on average to back-up a business’s critical files from PC’s and servers, 46% said it took less than an hour with another 40% saying it takes between 1-3 hours. An hour is not much time out of your day if you consider losing days, months or even years of data because you just thought it would take too long!

As well as this we have also found that many people don’t think that data backup is an efficient use of their time. Yes we can all be busy at times but data back-up is always an efficient use of your time once you consider any negative ramifications of not doing it.


Another big reason why companies fail to back up their data is down to costs. Not only does this include the cost of the time that members of staff spend on backing up data, but also outsourcing data back-up, paying for document storage, or even the cost of not using space which is being taken up with storage.

When it comes to outsourcing digital data back-up of course the cost will depend on just how much documentation that you need to digitalise and the same again accounts for external document storage. But when it comes to the cost of paying to protect your valuable data in comparison with how much you could lose if you had a disaster, then the cost becomes very small.

Excuses, Excuses

Of all the reasons we have come across for not backing up data this one has got to be the worst! Using any excuse such as “It won’t happen to me” or “I can’t be bothered” are extremely poor reasons to not back up your data, you might as well leave everything out in the open and wait for them to be destroyed or lost.

We are here to explain to you just how important backing up your data is. When it comes to your business you should be prepared for the worst.

No more excuses!

Lack storage space

Data backups don’t necessarily have to come in digital format, and if you are not backing up your data because you no longer have the space then there are two options for you. First of all there are plenty of external secure data storage supplies which would be the perfect place to store any valuable paper documents.

Or as an alternative you can convert all of your files into a digital format, no longer will you have to fill up valuable space with filing cabinets and cupboards when all the paperwork can be stored and easily accessed on CD, DVD or portable hardrive.

With both of these options there should be no reason why you can’t back up your data because of lack of storage space.

Ways of Backing Up you Data

Now let’s look at some of the best ways to back-up your data, especially if you have a lot of paper documentation.

Document scanning – can create secure back-ups from converting paper documents into a digital format; as well as helping to reduce storage space and create a way to easily share files.

Document storage – If you have a lot of physical back-ups or even other documentation that you want to keep in a safe place then document storage would be a perfect solution because in general external storage providers, including us, use alarmed, protected and 24/7 monitored facilities.

Microfilm– Physical documentation can also be converted and securely backed up onto a microfiche or microfilm format. This will again not only create secure back-ups but also reduce storage space and enable you to share documents and information.

Even with a whole array of options for data back-up it is amazing to find out just how many companies do fail to do so. At the end of the day no matter which back-up options you choose to use it is crucial to remember that you just need to do it in the first place.

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