Photograph, slides & x-ray conversion case studies

1. 35mm slides

Vintage bus After a lifetime in the industry a gentleman asked us to quote for the conversion of his enormous collection of 25,000 bus slides which he had amassed during his travels around the world. He felt that having his 35mm slide collection converted to high quality JPEG images would enable him to access his collection easier and would illustrate his PowerPoint talks when giving one of his well-attended presentations on the subject. The slides were converted by us in batches over several months to spread the cost at 600dpi (dots per inch) resolution and we enhanced many of them to improve clarity and quality using colour correction software. Batches of scanned images were put on USB sticks periodically and sent to our client for upload into his system. He told us

“I am so delighted to be able to view my pictures on my laptop rather than having to rig up a projector and screen. SFS did a great job in scanning and enhancing the originals and were a pleasure to work with”.

2. Photographs/Glass negatives

Old photograph of Tractor

Boy scouts A Somerset museum asked us to scan their priceless collection of glass negatives depicting local farming and social scenes from the last century. These fragile negatives needed careful handling as the glass would break if not processed correctly and we managed to complete the conversion to high quality JPEG files at 600dpi resolution.

The Museum uploaded the images we created to their website for universal access and set up a slideshow to display them to Museum visitors. The project was completed without us breaking a single slide and the Museum expressed their thanks to us for a ‘job well done’.

A lady Scout Leader found photographs of her ‘pack’ from the 1960’s in the loft and decided to get them converted to digital images for their historical interest. We collected the photographs from her, scanned them at 300dpi resolution as both PDF and JPEG files and returned the digital files and originals back to her. The images were used at a Scout reunion where they brought back many happy memories. SFS said “We can scan any photograph of any size in colour or black & white and output them as TIF, PDF or JPEG files. We found this a fascinating project which captured a happy and carefree period for this Scout group”.

3. X-rays/radiographs

We scan (and store!) large volumes of X-rays for our engineering clients. These show such things as metal fatigue within metal or composite engine parts and are often vital records required by regulatory authorities. Due

to the commercial sensitivity of our client’s records we can only use ‘stock’ examples below but if you need this sort of service to either scan or securely store X-rays we have a great deal of expertise in handling such a project in a prompt and cost effective manner.

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