You’re moving office. Yay! Well ok, maybe not yay. Maybe it was an exciting idea when you first started talking about, and maybe – probably – it will be nice when you’re in. But now you’re faced with the pesky in-between bit, the actual moving, and that’s perhaps less fun. But it doesn’t have to be an unmitigated disaster, if you follow a few simple steps.

1) Make a really, really good plan

Seriously, this is a step you ignore at your peril. You want to make sure you’ve thought of everything, from how you’ll actually get your stuff from one place to another to how you’ll get your work done while the moving is happening and making sure you have enough pens, tea and toilet paper to start you up again on the other side.

2) Delegate pretty much everything

You know that plan you’re going to make? Against each thing that needs to be done, assign a person who will be in charge of it. And make sure they know they’re in charge and that everyone else does too. Print out your plan and circulate it to the team, so there’s no confusion. When moving day comes, things need to run like clockwork. (They won’t, ok? Something always goes wrong. But at least you’ll know who to blame.)

3) Hire in the professionals to save your sanity

Seriously, you’re going to box up every paperclip yourself? Not a chance. You’ll be signed off with a nervous breakdown before you even reach that shiny new office (and then you’ll need professionals of a different kind). Movers don’t have to be expensive, especially when you consider how quickly and efficiently they’ll get everything done. Just do your research so you avoid the cowboys, make sure you agree up front what’s included and check there’s enough insurance in place, just in case.

4) Do a space plan at the new site

Again, one that people forget because let’s face it, most of us prefer to just get on and do it. But a little bit of thought at this stage can ensure you have a layout that really enhances the office environment. How are the desks going to be laid out? Where is the water cooler going? Will you have a breakout area? Do you need a conference space? If the idea of figuring this stuff out brings you out in hives, just get a professional in.

5) For goodness’ sake declutter

This is a perfect excuse. What on earth is the point of lugging your entire archive across the city / country, when you almost certainly don’t really need it all anyway? Your new place probably doesn’t have much storage space anyway – modern offices usually don’t, since there’s an assumption that we’re all heading towards a paperless office.

There are several ways to tackle unwieldy archives. You can have them scanned, reducing bulky boxes to thoroughly manageable – and meticulously organised – data files. You can store the originals in a secure offsite unit so you can use the office space you’re renting or buying for doing the actual business that you do (you know we do this, right? We’ll even provide the boxes and come pick them up for you).

Or, if stuff isn’t needed any more, you can have it securely destroyed, rather than dumping it out back in a skip for any Tom, Dick or Harry to go rifling through (FYI we can supply polypropylene bags with security ties). We know this is the last thing you feel like doing but honestly, it will pay in the long run, especially once you’re in the new place and you can find everything easily and don’t have to compete for floor space with endless stacks of boxes.

PS. If you discover a hidden stash of old documents on moving day, let us know and we can hold onto it until you work out what to do with it. Our site is climate controlled, alarmed and monitored, so it will be perfectly safe.

6) Call in the caterers

Now this is an added extra and you don’t strictly have to do it, but making sure there’s a good supply of food and drink available for your team on the big day will massively reduce the stress levels that a move inevitably generates. You don’t need to go all Michelin star, but a few trays of decent sandwiches and other finger food, a tea and coffee station, and selection of biscuits and fruit will keep everyone’s energy and morale up and stop people getting hangry.

7) Book a holiday for when it’s over

Probably not immediately – you’ll need to get everyone settled, after all. But you’re going to be pretty tired one way or another, so why not treat yourself to some R&R, even if it is just a long weekend on the Cornish coast. Go on, tell everyone we said it was a good idea. You’re worth it.

If you’d like to talk to the team about storing, scanning or securely destroying any documents as part of an office move, drop us a line today.