Creative, Heritage & Irreplaceable document scanning case studies

1. 300 year old religious texts – scanned to PDF

We were asked to urgently scan some 300 year old Tibetan texts held as both loose A4 copies and in bound volumes for a lecturer who was to speak at an international conference some 7 days later. The texts were written by an Italian scholar who lived with the Tibetan people while he learnt the language and then wrote a definitive comparison of Catholicism and Tibetan religious culture.

The books particularly required careful handling and could not be unbound so the work was carried out on our Book Eye Pro 4 specialist book scanner and the work was completed within 5 days and loaded to  the clients computer and a backup memory stick.

The client was very pleased with the quality of the scans and the speed with which the work was carried out.

You can see our Bookeye scanner in operation here.

Tibetan text

2. Vintage land charge ledgers

A South Coastal Borough Council had some 30 large leather bound Land Charges registers in vintage heavy leather bound ledgers. The ledgers were being accessed by staff frequently as they were opened and placed face down on a photocopier to provide office copies for local solicitor searches. As a result the ledgers were becoming damaged through constant use and a solution had to be found.

We used our book scanner to provide high resolution colour scanned images, indexed the files with the property address and provided these on a DVD back to the Council. These images were then uploaded onto their internal IT network for access by authorised staff.

The time saving and avoidance of wear and tear on the ledgers was significant and the department head remarked:

“ We were so worried that these irreplaceable books would just fall apart but the scanning done by SFS has been really excellent quality and saves us hours of time. SFS were super to work with – quick and efficient”.

Land charges extract

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