No one likes to get wet and they say it may get wetter. Even ducks don’t like rain for weeks on end. Paper records especially don’t like getting wet, it will ruin them for good.

If your valuable paper records got ruined would it affect the future of your business?

The benefits of protecting your business from floods are numerous, including…

  • Reduce financial losses
  • Reduce exposure to civil or criminal liability
  • Ensure compliance with regulations (e.g Occupiers liability Act 1986)
  • Enhance your reputation with customers

Flooding is the most likely natural disaster to hit businesses in the UK. So here’s some advice on how to mitigate the risk;

  • Have a flood plan – read this document from the environment agency to help, click here
  • Keep a list of vital contact numbers; e.g insurance providers, builders, electricians, IT support
  • Sign up for flood warnings via email and text – register by calling 0845 988 1188
  • Back up your digital data off site – talk to your IT person, or look at ‘cloud’ storage
  • Make sure your valuable paper records are backed up – either electronically or physically in a protected environment

The last point is where we can help. We can make sure your vital paper records are scanned and stored electronically for easy retrieval. Or we can store them for you in our brand new fully protected storage facilitywhere we can offer a fully managed document storage and retrieval system.

Please make sure you have your business protected, follow the steps above and you’ll be able to sleep soundly through the worst of storms.