If your staff can levitate you could save on much needed office spaceWhen you rent your office by the square foot, a chance to save office space means a chance to save money. But how far would you go to shave a few inches off your floorplan to help keep costs down? If you need to save space in the office here’s 5 solutions (if you’re up for a challenge):

  1. Ban Office Chairs
  2. Build Bunk Cubicles
  3. Relocate to Outer Space
  4. Install Window Cabinets
  5. Create a Digital Archive


Read more in detail below:

Ban Office Chairs

Yes, all of them. Standing desks are all the rage anyway. According to Tony Randall of Randall’s Office Furniture, they can even help you lose weight. Who needs to rest their weary bones? Sitting is for losers! Stand and save office space, that’s what we say. And if you can find employees who are practiced in the art of levitation, so much the better.

Build Bunk Cubicles

Most kids prefer bunk beds to regular beds, so it’s surely only fair to say that your employees will have more fun working in vertically stacking bunk cubicles than they currently do in their frankly rather unimaginative ‘side by side’ layout. And just think of how much floor space you’ll save! Horizontal working is so passé, don’t you think?

Relocating your Office into Outer SpaceRelocate to Outer Space

Not only will you be celebrated the world over for your pioneering pluck, you’ll be able to store pretty much everything off the ground thanks to the lack of gravity. Do remember to invest heavily in ropes and chains though, to ensure your supplies (not to mention staff) don’t float away.

If outer space isn’t a possibility then Elon Musk could make Mars a new venture:



Install Window Cabinets

When apartment dwellers want a bit of space to grow flowers or herbs, they turn to their window ledges. So why shouldn’t space-starved office workers do the same? You may very well start a trend. Soon every office block will be speckled with filing cabinets stuck to their outer walls with ‘No More Nails’.

Create a Digital Archive

Ok, we’ll admit these aren’t the most practical of solutions, but there’s one more idea that is. How about scanning your paper documents to create digital records, or storing the originals offsite? Now there’s a thought! Funnily enough, this is something we can take care of for you.  Get in touch to find out how we can help you save office space without having to resort to drastic measures.