Old fashioned spyDocument scanning is a pretty cool industry to be involved in. No, don’t laugh. Remember that post where we proved that we were basically CSIs? And our Indiana Jones moment with the ancient manuscripts?

Well, if that hasn’t convinced you, this might: in many ways, we’re just like spies. Possibly not 00 level spies. We’re not armed or anything, and we probably wouldn’t have much luck infiltrating a black tie do on a private island, winning half a million pounds at baccarat and leaving with a supermodel on our arm (although we’d give it a good go if the opportunity presented itself).

But we do have access to lots of secrets – commercially sensitive data and the like – and it wouldn’t do to let it fall into the wrong hands. We all know how data leak stories end, and our clients would not like that at all.

That’s why we’re BS7858 accredited. BS7858 is the British Standard used for checking the security and trustworthiness of individuals. Every single member of our staff has been through the official vetting process, which includes ID checking, credit checking, address checking, criminal record checking – there’s a lot of checking, basically. And each individual has to be vouched for by a suitable referee too, just to be on the safe side.

It’s not that we don’t trust them, you understand. It’s just to give our clients peace of mind that their data is being looked after by people who aren’t going to flog a USB stick of their client records to a rival firm. Our team aren’t just trustworthy, they’re trustworthy enough to have earned the BS7858 seal of approval. And just to be doubly sure, we have them DBS checked too.

Oh, and like all good spies, we’ve also signed the Official Secrets Act… but we can’t really talk about that!

If you need sensitive data scanned, stored or destroyed, arrange a meeting with our team and decide for yourself how trustworthy we are.