Christmas admin elfWe really miss our helpful elves. For most of the year they are a fantastic addition to our team. They are incredibly diligent and have a great eye for detail. Which is handy when you have to scan and store thousands of documents every day. Although the constant singing can get a bit annoying.

However, when Santa needs his elves back for the big Christmas push we find ourselves short a few staff. Luckily we know how to plan around it and it doesn’t affect business at all.

We miss their cheeky faces for a couple of months but we have a great relationship with Mr and Mrs Claus and of course want Christmas to go without a hitch. In fact we store spare presents for Santa. Which was meant to be a secret but it was exposed when Santa was ‘Papped’ outside our offices last year. So everyone knows anyway and it wasn’t us who ‘let the reindeer out of the bag’ as Santa had tweeted where he was! We think he’d got a bit carried away on mulled wine.

This year our elves have been especially busy as we have our brand new state of the art premises in Bridgewater with loads more clients to help with their document back up needs. We’ve also found out that one of the elves is a whizz with computers and made us a lovely new website, see it here.

So we are really looking forward to a great Christmas and getting our elves back in January. If you would like to get some elves of your own we’d be happy to talk to the Claus’s about it and see if they can spare some. The elves love the change of scene and they much prefer summer in the UK than the North Pole.

We hope you all have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year.